In a world that has rapidly industrialized and is getting louder by the moment, it is more important than ever to make sure that you are doing the most to prevent hearing loss from occurring. That has led many people to look for the ways that your diet can have an impact on your overall body health, especially in regards to your hearing. In this article we will take a look at many of the different foods that you can eat in order to keep your hearing health in check throughout your life.

Going Bananas

Perhaps the easiest way to increase the chances of having good hearing health throughout your life is by eating more bananas. Everyone knows that fruits are full of vitamins, but bananas have the added benefit of having a very high content of magnesium in them. With all of this magnesium, your body is more able to protect itself from suffering physical damage to the middle ear.

Dark Chocolate

Most people have just jumped out off their chair after reading the header, but it is true: dark chocolate can help keep your hearing in check. The antioxidants in this tasty treat are helpful, but it is the zinc content that you need to look out for in these foods. The zinc allows your body to bounce back after suffering hearing damage that you might get at a concert or similarly loud venue.


Another one of the foods that everyone already eats to stay healthy but can also impact your hearing health is vegetables. In particular, the green vegetables will do a great deal to help your body keep your hearing in a good state. Vegetables can reduce the incidence of free radicals in your body, which can reduce the likelihood that you will suffer from such ailments as cancer. This is a very important aspect of your overall health as well as your hearing health.

Go Fishing

Fish have been one of the most important factors in a healthy body since the early days of civilization. They are a great source of lean protein, but they also have the ability to give your body a boost of Omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are important because they improve your overall heart function. This keeps your ears healthy by making sure that they are not starved of their necessary nutrients and oxygen throughout your life.

Citrus Food Groups

Another tasty food that can make the difference in your hearing health is citrus fruit. These foods can be eaten whore or simply added to a drink and you will still see the benefits. They have many vitamins that are conducive to keeping your immune system powerful. With a healthy immune system, you will not have to suffer from sicknesses that will spread to your ears and cause damage, allowing you to hear well into your senior years.

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