Any person that has suffered with hearing impairment will understand the incredible strides that have been made in terms of technology and hearing devices. The latest trend in hearing devices and technology appears to be a revitalization of the hearing loop. This technology seeks to make it easier for individuals to hear sounds and speeches in public places. That is why we are going to take a closer look at how this technology works, what a hearing loop is made of, and where you can find them today.

What Is A Hearing Loop?

In the most simple terms, a hearing loop is a two part device that aids people with hearing impairment through modifying their hearing aid’s reception. The first part of a hearing loop is the actual cable that circles the room and can pick up electromagnetic signals. The second part of the hearing loop is already worn by most people in the form of a hearing aid or a cochlear implant. Together, these two elements work together to bring clearer and more concise hearing abilities to people around the world.

How Does This Work?

The concept behind the hearing loop is rather simple. In the room where there is a hearing loop, there is also a microphone. This can be a regular microphone that is linked into the system or one that is simply mounted in the room. Once the sound is taken in by the microphone it is converted into an electromagnetic signal. This signal is then amplified throughout the room by the hearing loop. This technology was first used on telephones so that it could boost the amount of space between the receiver and the handheld phone, which means that the signal is powerful enough for moderate to large rooms.
The signal is then picked up via a telecoil, which is often already built into hearing aids and cochlear implants. These telecoils pick up the electromagnetic symbols and amplify the sound through the hearing aid, allowing the individual to hear what is happening in the room much better than before. Most hearing devices have these t-switches, which can be activated at any time by the user.

Where Can I Find These?

The best part about the hearing loop is that it is very easy to install and does not require significant medications to the work or living area. That is why many countries are considering to make them obligatory in public buildings for the sake of important announcements and emergencies. Right now, hearing loops are most found in meeting rooms, conference halls, and public transportation vehicles. Due to the high amount of demand and success, it appears as though they will continue to be implemented in greater amounts in the future.

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