Unfortunately hearing loss impacts a great number of young ones, however the right type of hearing aid could have a very positive effect on their lives. However, the sheer number of hearing aid styles and benefits offered can certainly make choosing the right one hard for most parents. There are a few styles that are better suited for children compared to others, so keep reading to explore what type could perform best for your child.

The most popular types of hearing aids used by children are categorized as in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE). Children, always growing and developing, should routinely have their hearing aids adjusted. ITE and behind-the-ear type hearing aids are frequently chosen for children since they are most easy to adjust. Fitted to the child’s outer ear, ITE hearing aids are small devices in plastic cases. These hearing aids are able to integrate extra technologies, including telecoil. Worn behind the ear, BTE hearing aids are recognized by their plastic case. A plastic earmold delivers sound to the child’s ear and is also connected to the case by a little piece of tubing. The two styles of devices can address different hearing issues.

Hearing aid selection is often harder if your child experiences other types of medical conditions. Children with misshapen ears may find BTEhearing aids hard to use. In-the-ear hearing aids may not fit correctly if a child has a shallow ear canal. ITE devices may not be appropriate for children who have an extreme build-up of ear wax, as this can hinder the aid’s ability to function.

The best way to find the appropriate hearing aid for your child is to work with your hearing specialist. He or she will lead you through your options and make suggestions determined by your child’s unique condition. You can also look to this professional to learn more about your own role in enhancing your child’s hearing. If your child isn’t old enough to regulate hearing aids on his or her own, it may be up to you to make sure they are comfortable.

Although it may seem too much to handle initially, research and consulting with an expert will help you better understand the best hearing aid choices for your child.

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