People are taking more of an active role in saving their hearing than ever before. This can be evidenced in the way that people are consistently pushing for new ways to take old technology and improve it for their hearing health. One of the latest examples is the digital earplug, devices which have a variety of interesting functions that can be used in multitudes of situations. Here we will take a look at the way that digital earplugs function, the specific usages of ear plugs, and then how they can benefit people in a variety of walks of life.

How Do Digital Earplugs Work?

The digital ear plug comes in many different forms, each with the need to provide some form of hearing capability with the ability to block unwanted sounds. In the most basic form, digital earplugs function by limiting the range of frequencies that are allowed to get through the device and into the inner ear. This is called limiting the frequency response of the device, and several frequency responses are programmed into most digital earplugs. This allows the device to change with the needs of the user, and also provides a physical barrier between sounds and the delicate inner ear of a person.

Specific Ways They Function

One of the most important aspects of a digital ear plug is that it needs to meet the requirements of the user. That is why they are often programmed with the ability to perform in many different and diverse environment settings. Many of the ear plugs on the digital market advertise that they can completely stop sound from entering in your ear, a very valuable tool in certain settings. Other digital ear plugs allow you to boost the level of hearing so that they can detect faint sounds, and still, others perform by only allowing certain sounds through the barrier and into the ear where they can be interpreted. This is called stop-gate technology, and has already prevented thousands of people from suffering hearing damage within their given industry.

How They Benefit Certain Industries

Digital earplugs have a very specific impact and use in many places of employment. For people who work in first response situations, these ear plugs allow the user to only hear a fraction of the sound that is occurring in the environment, allowing them to stay on task. Other ear plugs can block out sounds above certain decibel levels, effectively protecting the user from loud bursts of sound that can inflict temporary and permanent hearing damage. For soldiers, police officers and first responders alike, there are digital plugs that allow people to hear speaking in the loudest environments. These are just some of the ways that these new age ear plugs are helping people save their hearing and improve their workplace.

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